How to Request Credits

For a tutorial on how to request credits for leads and/or calls from your dashboard, you can take a look at our video resources.

One thing we pride ourselves on is our commitment to providing you with a good product. While we strive to get you the most qualified calls and leads, not everything is going to go according to plan. That's why we have a robust crediting system in place that protects your investment and makes sure we're sending what we promised.

You can view our comprehensive criteria on what constitutes a valid call or lead but off the bat it's good to know we will automatically credit certain invalid calls. For example, if someone calls you more than once from the same phone number, we'll flag it and automatically credit you for the duplicate call. But say someone calls you about a job and then later that day their spouse calls you about the same job from a different phone number? Our system won't automatically flag that so you'll need to let us know the calls needs to be credited as a duplicate. You can do this under the call tab and clicking the blue "Request Credit" button located under the "Call Cost" column. In the pop up window you can select a reason for the request from a drop down menu and then add additional context for the request. Once the request is sent the call will be highlighted in orange to indicate the credit request is pending. Once approved, it will turn green.

The process for requesting a credit on a lead is virtually identical. Simply go to the leads tab, find the blue "Request Credit" button under the cost column, select a reason from the drop down menu, add additional context for the team, and click submit.

It is important to note that you must request a credit within 4 days (96 hours) of the lead or call coming to you. After that time, the option to request a credit will not be available on your dashboard for that particular call or lead.