Updating Your Profile

For a tutorial on how to update your business profile, you can take a look at our video resources.

The Business Profile tab on your dashboard is not critical to the success of your program, but it is helpful to you in the long run to have a robust profile for your business on our directory which is accessed by customers. For example, someone may have called your business through us and ahead of booking a job they want to review your reputation and basic business information. As our directory as recently named a top 25 online directory by HubSpot, there's a good chance they'll use eLocal to do research on your business.

On this tab you'll see contact information for Customer Success as well as a quick outline of your notification preferences and categories of service. Below that, you'll have an editable field for "Business Name & Display Text" where you can edit your business name and add in any slogans or accolades you'd want displayed next to your business name. Below that is a section for "Logos" where Customer Success can help you upload your business logo and "Business Locations," where you can display your professional address (if you use a private residence for your business address you do not have to display that information). Below that is your "About Us" section which is editable and allows you to fill out more information on the types of services you offer, what payment types you accept, if you offer any special discounts, and any professional affiliations you have. It is worth noting for this section that what drives our calls to you is not what you do or not select on your display profile but the category of service outlined in the above section on this tab.