eLocal Glossary

Lead: eLocal defines a lead as any form lead that comes to you via SMS text or email. While our advertisers may refer to any potential customer as a lead, if you officially receive leads from us, that is a form lead which contains the contact information of a customer and general context of their need.

Call: eLocal defines a call as a live, verified call from a customer looking for service.

Pay-For-Performance: Our program is focused on getting you high quality calls and/or leads. When we say pay-for-performance that means you only pay for what we send you, when we send it to you. You'll account will have an existing balance which we will only deduct from when you get a valid call or lead. We don't charge any fees.

Credits: We have a robust credit program for an invalid call or lead. Our credit program will return the cost of the invalid call or lead to your account upon approval. For example, if you pay $40 for a plumbing call, you would receive $40 back to your eLocal account, not the card on file.

Dashboard: We offer a customized dashboard where you can get a bird's eye view of your account, review calls or leads, request credits, edit your business profile, and keep track of your ROI with our program.